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Cave Creek Museum Partnership

BRAY is excited to announce our new partnership with the Cave Creek Museum, a charming local treasure whose mission is "to preserve the artifacts of the prehistory, history, culture and legacy of the Cave Creek Mining District and the Cave Creek/Carefree foothills area through education, research, and interpretive exhibits."

Burros & History

A Miner's Best Friend

National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; gift of Larry J. West

As part of our BRAY mission to educate the public about donkeys and burros we've partnered with the Cave Creek Museum to bring burro ambASSadors to several museum events during the 2023-2024 season. These long-eared guests will help portray the living history of the European settling of the American Southwest. Our ambASSadors will be attending "National Meet a Miner Day", "The Gold Mining Experience", and participating with the museum in the Cave Creek Rodeo Days Parade.

BRAY will be discussing the history of burros in the region, burro facts, common burro misconceptions, and doing hands-on demonstrations, in addition to having activities for kids of all ages, including reading with a burro, pin the pan on the pannier, and more! Join BRAY and the burros at Cave Creek Museum to learn about the history of this small town tucked in the hills just north of Phoenix. 

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