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History may have been written on the back of a horse, however, it was built on the backs of burros. Burros (donkeys) are historically pack animals and the sport/class of Jackpacking pays homage to their history in the American west.

Jackpacking focuses on the skills of the burro and handler. Burros compete in-hand on a trail course (the course may be in an arena or natural) to showcase the burro’s skills as a pack animal and the handler's competency in tacking and handling. The goal is to demonstrate useful skills needed by a burro and handler when packing out on the trails. This includes, but is not limited to: stepping over obstacles, backing, pivoting/turning around, loading and carrying items in panniers.

BRAY Club puts the safety of burros and people first, every time, no matter if the event is a race, show, challenge, hike, clinic, or other. Please understand that the BRAY Club rules are in place to make each event a safe success for all participants (animal and human) and spectators.

A negative Equine Infectious Anemia/Coggins test is required for each burro to attend BRAY events. Certificates must be dated within one year of the day of the event, and must have the current owner's name, and the address of the animal's current residence. Tests with blood drawn at a sale barn will not be considered valid.

Jackpacking Rules

All Jackpackers (those participating in Jackpacking) are expected to have familiarized themselves with the Jackpacking rules. This event is a showcase of skills and it is advised to train in advance of the event. The BRAY Day Play Day will see the premiere of Jackpacking.

CLICK HERE to download the Jackpacking Rules PDF.

CLICK HERE to download the Jackpacking Scoring Sheet PDF.

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