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Burros Rock Arizona & Yonder started off as simply a dream to fill what seemed like a void of long-ear community in Arizona. While many events and clubs accepted long-ears into their outings and groups there was a long-ear exclusive community missing.  In 2019 Burros Rock Arizona & Yonder (doing business as: BRAY) was officially formed with the vision of being "A Magnanimous Equus Asinus Community" where mules and hinnys would be welcomed just as much as donkeys/burros.

BRAY's mission is simple: to advocate, showcase, promote, and educate about Equus Asinus and hybrids. BRAY Club will educate the public about equus asinus, mules, and hinnys (including but not limited to general knowledge about the animal, their care, welfare, and rescue) through educational programs, workshops, clinics, and events (including, but not limited to: burro racing, trail challenges, packing, hiking, and parades).

2022 Superior Jackass Dash by Debbie Torres
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