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What IS BurroCaching? If you’ve heard of GeoCaching, this is similar but of course with the addition of burros! BurroCaching a type of treasure hunt: teams of one burro + one handler* are looking for caches, or hidden stashes of objects. This isn’t entirely a race: the goal of BurroCaching is a fun activity while enjoying a hike with your donkey and hanging out with the amazing burro community.

If you or your donkey are new to events, but you're interested in doing the races, this is a great opportunity to practice. 

BRAY Club puts the safety of burros and people first, every time, no matter if the event is a race, show, challenge, hike, clinic, or other. Please understand that the BRAY Club rules are in place to make each event safe and successful for all participants (animal and human) and spectators.

A negative Equine Infectious Anemia/Coggins test is required for each burro to attend BRAY events. Certificates must be dated within one year of the day of the event, and must have the current owner's name, and the address of the animal's current residence. Tests with blood drawn at a sale barn will not be considered valid.

How Burrocaching Works & Rules

How it works:

Participants will be given the GPS coordinates** to all BurroCaches on the course along with the Cache name and clue.

The BRAY cow bell being rung will signal the start of the hike/treasure hunt.

Teams head out at their own pace, looking for the BurroCaches. Teams may group up to help one another search for the cache. BurroCaches may be done in any order: a team may choose to head to the farthest one first or nearest.

When the BurroCache is found, take 1 item of your choosing, sign the log (make sure to sign with your donkey’s name), then place the BurroCache back exactly where and how you found it.

**GPS coordinates are accurate +/- 18 feet



*Teams are one burro/hybrid + no more than 2 ‘adult’ handlers (12 years old and up) per animal, or 3 handlers total (minimum of 1 adult required).
IF the handler is under 12 years old then the handler MUST be accompanied by an adult who does not have an animal.

Handlers must stay with their animal and may not turn their animal loose - animals must remain under control.

Animals must be held in-hand and may not be ridden. Handlers may opt to use a day pack/pack saddle/or saddle bags but may not ride the animals while BurroCaching.

Take only one item and leave the rest for fellow BurroCachers. Sign the log inside the BurroCache with your first name and burro’s name.

Good sportsmanship is encouraged and will be rewarded. Please be kind, considerate and have a great time enjoying our wonderful animals and our open spaces. That is what the burro/donkey community is all about.

Follow Leave No Trace guidelines in the natural environment.

Be careful of the area around the cache—don’t trample the grounds, rip up sprinkler heads, etc., in your excitement to find the cache.

Follow all laws and regulations. Never enter private property without permission.

No intact jacks/uncastrated male animals (donkey or hybrid).

Jack chains may be used only if used with a pressure-release technique. (A jack chain is a chain or strap which is used to apply pressure over the muzzle or under the chin). Any handler with nose and/or chin injuries on the animal resulting from the jack chain will be disqualified. The jack chain is not permitted to be in the mouth of the burro/hybrid.

Cruelty: Any contestant mistreating their animal will be disqualified. No needles, electric prods, narcotics, clubs or whips, may be used. Failure to follow these rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban from future BRAY events.

Carrying and use of firearms will not be permitted.

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