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AJ Burro Derby

Get your trusty long ear, your trusty lawn chair, and bring all the good vibes to Apache Junction's Prospector Park for the  annual BRAY Apache Junction Burro Derby! This approximately 5 mile course is flat and fast, although the scenery is so beautiful you and your burro may choose to simply mosey and enjoy for as long as possible.

Apache Junction


 At the ringing of the start bell teams will head toward the Superstition Mountains and the storied Lost Dutchman Mine before looping around and heading back to camp, finishing with approximately one straight, flat mile toward the trailers so your donkeys can get a nice ambitious hustle to the finish.

This year not only will Prospector Park be alive with the sound of brays and thundering hooves, but we will also be floating along on a cool Arizona breeze with the Apache Junction Parks and Rec's Kite Festival! After runners are in they can grab a kite, kick back, and enjoy the beautiful day and beautiful scenery. 

While historically the Apache Junction Burro Derbies have been no pack saddles allowed, you may choose to use one if you prefer.

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